Adam Nisenson

With his combined training in fine art and graphic design, and his fascination with the detritus of popular culture, Adam Nisenson works with vinyl movie posters and denim jeans, crafting them into wall pieces and sculptures that play with the history of their use. To make what he calls his “Movie Poster Weaves”, he cuts vinyl movie advertisements into strips and weaves them across a canvas frame. By combining different posters in each weave, he re-crafts the filmic narrative they advertise. In his words: “Movies define our culture and parallel history. They are like a visual time capsule, a great escape from the everyday, so what better subject could be reassembled into a new story?” For his “Denim Paint Impressions”, Nisenson impresses paint-saturated blue jeans onto canvases, creating compositions that capture “the unique story that each [jean] has to tell.”