Adler Guerrier
Haitian , born 1975
Selected exhibitions
Adler Guerrier,
Marisa Newman Projects
100+ Degrees in the Shade: A Survey of South Florida Art,
Carol Jazzar Contemporary Art
Adler Guerrier: Here, Place the Lever,
David Castillo Gallery

Adler Guerrier roams the streets of Miami, absorbing urban impressions before producing mixed-media drawings and sculptures, photographs, installations, and videos conveying the individual and collective experiences of cities. Though Miami is his subject and cipher for cities worldwide, he is rooted in his native Haiti. “I am Haitian, therefore I make Haitian art…I use what I have, that is a particular history, shaped by family, education, migration, neighborhoods,” he explains. In his work, Guerrier offers a vision of the urban landscape through color-saturated snapshots and drawings composed of text fragments and patterns accrued during his wanderings. Like the streets themselves, his works are a pastiche of everything—sights, sounds, people—that makes cities hum.