Adolfo Doring
Mexican-American , born 1962

Adolfo Doring has been behind the camera since he was a teenager in Mexico City, where he shot his first documentary about the stark gap between rich and poor. Since then he has built an acclaimed career making films, documentaries, and music videos, taking photographs, and crafting art installations centered upon his videos. He is driven by his interest in societal structures and those who fall outside of them. This is apparent in shorts like Karaoke Man (1999), in which he follows a street singer to his daily performance spot as he narrates his life. He has also directed music videos for a range of stars, including Sheryl Crow and Santana. For his recent installation, Early 21st Century American, Doring concocted an abject scene of television-watching indulgence, at the heart of which is his own, loosely narrative video, Coming Soon, which plays continuously.

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