Adriana Barreto
Brazilian, born 1949
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art at LOOP Barcelona,
Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art
Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art at ARCOmadrid 2015,
Cristina Guerra Contemporary Art

The body is Adriana Barreto’s principal material in her movement-based works, acting as an agent in the production of phenomenological and social space. In her performance What Can a Body Do?, dancers remove pieces of tape stuck to their black-clad bodies and affix them to the surroundings. They then use the pieces as nodes for linear chalk drawings. With each action, there is a shift in rhythm; the dancers become increasingly aware of their movement in space as they leave explicit traces behind. Barreto has worked in a variety of media, including painting and sculpture, and circulates her performance work as videos and photographs. Barreto is a 2015 Venice Biennale participant.

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