Ala Ebtekar
Iranian-American, born 1978
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
VISUAL ANTHOLOGY: Artworks & the Book,
Anglim Gilbert Gallery
Equation Of Time,
Gallery 16
Ala Ebtekar - au(ro)ra,
Anglim Gilbert Gallery

Raised in Iran and the United States, Ala Ebtekar draws from the tradition of Persian miniature painting, and combines imagery from antiquity with that of the present and imagined future, in his mixed-media prints and installation work. Ebtekar has drawn and painted images onto religious Farsi text, combining imagery from ancient Mesopotamia with bombs and missiles from contemporary warfare. His work captures “a visual glimpse of a crossroads where present day events meet history and mythology,” as he describes. In other work, Ebtekar has painted onto photographic portraits of women so that, in a challenge to the female position in Iranian society, they were depicted with helmets or wings to become warriors or angels. Ebtekar studied under the Mexican artist Enrique Chagoya.