Alastair Levy
British, born 1979

Equally concerned with producing artwork for its visual appeal as he is with documenting his process, Alastair Levy makes art that is not specific to a particular medium, but instead encompasses a broad spectrum of materials and methods. Levy admits to being inspired by John Baldessari, known for repurposing found images, revealing this influence particularly in a series of work that used old painters’ t-shirts and presented them as artworks (as in chris a #2, 2012.) Levy’s work enlists an unbridled range of media, often with attention to the juxtaposition of colors in the items he combines, such as office stationery, hardware products, and art supplies. His 2010 piece Intention and Outcome is an oak board resting against a white wall, the underside of which is highlighter pink and omits a soft neon glow.

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