Albert Eugene Gallatin
American, 1881-1952
Selected exhibitions
Vallarino Fine Art at Art Aspen 2017,
Vallarino Fine Art
Vallarino Fine Art at EXPO CHICAGO 2017,
Vallarino Fine Art
Vallarino Fine Art at Art Miami 2017,
Vallarino Fine Art

Although Albert Eugene Gallatin is most famous as a collector and patron of the arts, he was also an abstract painter. After spending years building up a formidable art collection, Gallatin began making his own paintings in 1936 at the age of fifty-five. Gallatin worked largely in a style inspired by synthetic cubism. He sometimes spent years on a single painting, committed to his endeavor to create compositions with simple forms, crisp lines, and subtle color variations. Gallatin often eschewed descriptive titles for his works, instead giving them uniformly unspecific names such as “Composition.” In 1937, Gallatin joined the American Abstract Artists group where he acquired the nickname “Park Avenue Cubist,” because he was significantly older and wealthier than his fellow members.

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