Alejandro Chaskielberg
Argentinian, born 1977

A former photojournalist and documentary filmmaker, Alejandro Chaskielberg is best known for his large-scale color photographs of the islanders—loggers, farmers, fishers, and hunters—who live in the Paraná River Delta near Buenos Aires. Fascinated by remote communities and their relationship to nature, Chaskielberg travels the world, sometimes spending years living closely with local populations and observing their daily lives. Chaskielberg restages daytime scenes at night, capturing figures in a combination of moonlight, flashlights, strobes, and lanterns, with long exposures to produce saturated non-naturalistic light and color effects. The images appear surreal and charged with cinematic drama, reflecting his training in filmmaking. Chaskielberg prepares his shoots for weeks, sometimes months, beforehand, owing in part to his reliance on the full moon for lighting: “The window for …

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