Alex Kanevsky
Russian, born 1963
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Five at Nine,
Hollis Taggart
Alex Kanevsky: Some Paintings In No Particular Style,
Hollis Taggart
In Focus: Alex Kanevsky,
Hollis Taggart

Alex Kanevsky’s gestural portraits are influenced by the artistic traditions of Eastern Europe, where he grew up, and the United States, where he now lives. In the spirit of Impressionism, he is more concerned with emotional and atmospheric triggers than narrative descriptions. In awareness of the agency of his subjects and his paintings, and observing that it is painful and unnatural for models to remain still, he depicts people in motion; likewise, he tries not to impose his will on artworks, abiding by his theory that “paintings do let us know when to leave them alone.” Kanevsky, whose studies have centered on mathematics and visual art, also resists defining his art with words. He believes that “artists statements are not possible and any attempt to write one leads to confusion and misinformation.”