Alexander Gorlizki
British , born 1967
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Jhaveri Contemporary at Art Dubai 2016,
Jhaveri Contemporary
Thinking Tantra,
Jhaveri Contemporary
Considering Collage,
Jhaveri Contemporary

Alexander Gorlizki’s practice is inspired by and integrated with his passion for the tradition of Indian miniature painting. Gorlizki, who was trained in sculpture, is now best known for his works on paper. The subjects and styles of his drawings range from geometric abstraction to loosely narrative representation, featuring everything from the mythical to the everyday. He draws from ornamental and textile patterns, photographs and magazine pages, pop culture, and both Western and Eastern iconographies. Sometimes Gorlizki exhibits his work alongside traditional Indian drawings. In the mid-1990s, he began to collaborate with master Indian miniature painter Riyaz Uddin. When they did not work together in the same studio, Uddin and Gorlizki would mail drawings back and forth as a means to work on them until completion—a process that sometimes took years.