Alexandre Noll
French, 1890-1970
Selected exhibitions
DeLorenzo Gallery at TEFAF New York Spring 2018,
DeLorenzo Gallery
DeLorenzo Gallery at The Salon: Art + Design 2015,
DeLorenzo Gallery
Magen H Gallery at Design Miami/ Basel 2014,
Magen H Gallery

Alexandre Noll wanted “to make of wood all that could be made out of wood.” The wood sculptures, furniture, and household objects that he created varied in function and style, but throughout his career Noll remained consistent to his beloved material—natural wood. His love of the material was unique, especially at a time when industrial design processes and man-made resources were pioneered by the post-war generation of architects and designers. His focus on the craft and production of wood-made totems, sculptures, chairs, and cabinets inspired him to create pieces that were derivative of natural forms yet created by the human hand.

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