Alexis Rockman
American, born 1962
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Alexis Rockman: New Mexico Field Drawings,
Sperone Westwater
A Natural History of Life in New York City,
Salon 94
Alexis Rockman: East End Field Drawings,
Parrish Art Museum

New York artist Alexis Rockman is best known for his panoramic paintings that imagine the environmental demise of urban landmarks. Childhood trips to The Natural History Museum in New York as well as consultations with biologists and climatologists lay the foundation for Rockman’s futuristic dystopias, such as his twenty-four-foot-long mural Manifest Destiny (2004), which envisions the borough of Brooklyn 3,000 years into the future fully submerged under water. For his series “Field Drawings” (2014-16), Rockman dug into the geological past of New York City, using local soil to create seventy five drawings that map the city’s surprisingly rich history of flaura and fauna. Rockman considers himself to be both an artist and activist, leveraging humor, fantasy, and a hyperrealistic painting technique to convey the dangers of genetic engineering and climate change.

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