Alfredo and Isabel Aquilizan

Filipino, b. 1962

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Alfredo Juan (born in Ballesteros, Cagayan Philippines in 1962) and Isabel Aquilizan y Gaudinez (born in Manila, Philippines in 1965) are currently based in Brisbane. The artist couple’s collaborative activities evolved within the spheres of family and community, including personal relationships and those they share with other artists. For years they have been exploring the meaning of ‘home’ and a sense of ‘belonging’ while travelling extensively for work, finding and defining the notion of ‘identity’, dealing with hardships of journey, displacement, sensing presences in absence and accumulating memory. They continue to process these issues through materials and objects that are both abstract and referential, objects that serve as metaphors of everyday human life. For the past ten years they have continuously collected fragments of their protracted Project Be-longing (1997-2007), an artistic collaboration spanning ten years. They are currently working on a new project entitled Another Country that talks about migration, dislocation, diaspora, adopting/adapting, settlement/resettlement, and identity.

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