Ali Banisadr
Iranian, born 1976
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Ali Banisadr Artist Talk,
New York Academy of Art
Ali Banisadr: AT ONCE,
Blain | Southern
Ali Banisadr – Motherboard,
Sperone Westwater

Ali Banisadr’s fantastical, fraught landscape paintings fuse the artist’s experiences as a refugee from the Iran-Iraq war with imagery drawn from Persian miniatures and mythology. Banisadr depicts fields of frenetic, abstract brushwork that conjure ideas of chaos, violence, displacement, and memory. His fragmented backdrops are influenced by the artist’s recollections of shattering windows during bombings, pointing to a relationship between auditory memory and visualization, which carries through much of his work. Worked in a palette that includes golds and blues, Banisadr’s paintings suggest European religious imagery. His work has been compared to that of both Hieronymous Bosch and Willem de Kooning.