Allison Green
American, born 1974
Selected exhibitions
The Night Garden,
Susan Eley Fine Art
TEEMING: New Paintings by Allison Green,
Susan Eley Fine Art
Susan Eley Fine Art

Allison Green grew up on the outskirts of a lush forest in Pennsylvania, an experience that continues to inform her artistic practice. Primarily a painter, Green is best known for her large-scale, detailed paintings of trees isolated against jewel-toned backgrounds—a body of work she describes as “Arboreal Portraits”. “When viewed together, these trees appear as a family, united by their compositional structure, yet distinctively different from one another,” she describes. The works carry a feminist sentiment; Green names each tree after a woman who has influenced her identity, expressing the powerful relationships between women through the “venerable symbol of the family tree,” as she describes. In another series, Green created portraits of birch trees, posed and anthropomorphized by their titles like Midnight Lovers and Wedding Portrait.