Alma Haser

German, b. 1990


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Alma Haser fuses traditional portrait and still life conventions with playfully futuristic distortions. While her primary medium is photography, she also uses intricate paper-folding techniques, collage, and puzzle-making to construct complex geometric forms that speak to the strangeness of life in the age of social media. Her latest series, Pseudo (2018), is a visual metaphor for our growing distrust of media using layered and montaged images of real and fake plants. Within 15 Minutes (2018) flirts with the oddity of identical twins and the idea of two versions of the same person, while Cosmic Surgery (2014-2017), imagines clone-like, origami-inspired facial alterations as the new Botox-cum-anti-surveillance fad. With absurdist humor and wit, Haser considers the way in which technology informs identity and reality and how hyper-connectivity is changing what it means to be human.

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