Amir H. Fallah
Iranian, born 1979
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Amir H. Fallah: How Far We've Come,
Denny Gallery
Amir H. Fallah // Wild Frontiers,
Gordon Gallery
Amir H. Fallah: A Stranger In Your Home,
Shulamit Nazarian

Considering himself primarily a painter despite also working in sculpture, installation, and photography, Amir H. Fallah produces deeply personal figurative work steeped in childhood memories, formative experiences, and cultural legacies. He describes his range of subjects as including “punk rock, falling in love, the similarities between cacti and love, first kisses, Persian miniature painting, psychedelic imagery, skid row tents, Al-Qaida bunkers, collaboration, refugee camps, gardening, space...” Twelve years of graffiti art informs Fallah’s additive approach to painting and sculpting, which leads him to “put things on top of one another instead of forming objects or blending paint.” The resulting forts, miniatures, murals, narrative portraits, and phantasmagoric landscapes comment on the fragility of memory, destiny, and dreams, as exemplified by Watch Tower (2009), a two-story …

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