Ana Holck
Brazilian, born 1977
Selected exhibitions
Anita Schwartz Galeria de Arte at ArtRio 2016,
Anita Schwartz Galeria de Arte
Zipper Galeria at ArtRio 2016,
Zipper Galeria
Ana Holck: Perimetrais,
MdM Gallery

Much of Ana Holck’s artwork is a reaction her training in architecture and urban planning. “My relationship with architecture was conflictive,” she says. “I try to deconstruct all that I learned about architecture in my works.” Her series “Construction Site” (2006) is Holck’s reaction to her father’s occupation as a structural engineer, and the projects he worked on for the Brazilian federal government. Holck constructs installations and sculptures that foil natural understandings of perspective and space, playing with properties of suspension, balance, tension, and support. Her commonly used materials—a list that includes brick, Plexiglas, concrete, and vinyl adhesive tape—are more commonly found in architectural practice.