Anders Kjellesvik
Norwegian, born 1980
Selected exhibitions
Anders Kjellesvik,
Galerie Michael Janssen
Summershow: Monique van Genderen / Anders Kjellesvik,
Galerie Michael Janssen
Unknown (Paintings),
Galerie Michael Janssen

Anders Kjellesvik creates a world between narrative and myth with dreamy paintings of translucent figures set in uncertain landscapes. His art is inspired by the fishing community in which he was raised, as well as his extensive travels. With friend Andreas Siqueland, Kjellesvik founded the social art project aiPotu (“utopia” spelled backwards), an ongoing collaborative series “that asks existential questions regarding the interaction of art and utopias in the local context.” The traveling endeavor constructs site-specific works—a flag installation on a hilltop, a performance using a boomerang-shaped boat, a broken potted plant on the steps of a musuem—with the aim to expand art spaces with visual statements around the globe.

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