Andrej Dubravsky
Slovakian, born 1987
Selected exhibitions
Andrej Dúbravský | Birds and Winds 2,
DSC Gallery
Andrej Dubravski - BIRDS AND WIND,
Wish You Were Here,
Ana Cristea Gallery

Andrej Dubravsky paints adolescent boys swimming, canoeing, and otherwise exploring the great outdoors in boy scout-reminiscent scenarios. What renders the classically styled, largely monochromatic scenes unique is that all of his figures sport bunny ears, which for the artist symbolizes the turmoil of adolescence and narcissistic self-representation. "Boys with bunny ears represent young greenhorns like me,” Dubravsky explains. “The bunnies are some sort of Fauns from the pictures of Old Masters, but with a kinky, contemporary twist." Behind the playfulness, the works explore darker themes including intergenerational relationships, elements of submission, coercion and complicity, and porn. Citing Rembrandt, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, and Lady Gaga among his sources of inspiration, Dubravsky works in oil and acrylic and mixes styles ranging from traditional landscapes, to …

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