Andy Coolquitt
American, born 1964
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Cynthia Daignault: There is Nothing I could Say That I Haven't Thought Before,
The FLAG Art Foundation
Cathedrals of Consumption,
Spinello Projects
Troy Brauntuch, Andy Coolquitt, Jeff Williams,
Lora Reynolds Gallery

Working with scavenged objects, like beer cans, lengths of fabric, metal pipes, and lighters, Andy Coolquitt assembles sculptures meant to foster social connections and provide comfort and assistance. Though Coolquitt aims to reach out to his viewers and encourage them to interact with one another, his works have a sardonic, absurdist edge. In A Nice Soft Place for Meeting People (2010), he mounts a soft, velour-covered cushion on the wall. The cushion is large enough to accommodate multiple people, who are invited to rest against it and have a conversation. In other sculptures, Coolquitt takes on Minimalism with a DIY twist—broomsticks, light bulbs, plastic toys, and cigarette lighters come together in playful, seemingly carefree configurations. His installations often appear casual or hurried, infusing the subtle works and straightforward materials with a sense of life and aggression.

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