Andy Diaz Hope & Laurel Roth
American, 1967 and 1973
Selected exhibitions
Nomadic Murals: Contemporary Tapestries and Carpets,
Boca Raton Museum of Art
The Woulds,
Catharine Clark Gallery
Catharine Clark Gallery at Miami Project 2014,
Catharine Clark Gallery

Described as the “ideal of artistic collaboration,” Andy Diaz Hope and Laurel Roth received great acclaim for their recent show “2011”, which they described as using “the tableau of a grotto to explore the odyssey and definition of humankind.” It comprised carved-wood and cast-brass primate skulls arranged to evoke and examine evolution, and a triptych of woven jacquard tapestries exploring conflicts of man versus nature, versus man, and versus self. The notion of the grotto as a place ideally suited for contemplation has also inspired their collaboration on works such as Reflection Engine (2011), an elaborately carved walnut wardrobe containing a crystal geode-like mirrored interior. Viewers are invited to spend time enclosed in the wardrobe surrounded by seemingly infinite self-reflections, referencing the quest to comprehend the notions of infinity and immortality that underlies many …

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