Anis Ekowindu
Indonesian, born 1978

The recurring figure in Anis Ekowindu’s paintings is not the artist himself, as is commonly assumed, but is in fact Ekowindu’s younger brother. This nameless protagonist is depicted in a variety of poses and situations, always bearing the same exaggerated and unnerving grin—one of many indicators of the artist’s wry sense of humor. Against minimal backdrops, the characters of Ekowindu’s paintings theatrically act out allegorical and absurd scenes. Inspired by Javanese Wayang Purwa shadow puppets, his 2010 series “Puppet vs Director” set up scenarios in which life-sized puppets wore masks of their masters’ faces. There is also a political tone in many of Ekowindu’s works, as in his 2012 exhibition “The Grasshopper’s Revenge”, which explored the humorous and violent dimensions of humanity’s relationship with nature.

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