Anna Boghiguian
born 1946
Collected by a major museum
Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
Selected exhibitions
Sfeir-Semler at Frieze London 2016,
Sfeir-Semler at Artissima 2016,
The 14th Istanbul Biennial: SALTWATER,
Istanbul Biennial

Across multiple media, Anna Boghiguian presents sensory and psychological impressions with a brazen, and often crude, style that reveals a critical eye and active imagination. In drawings full of smoke and motion, Boghiguian captures the chaos, confusion, and exuberance of urban life in her native Cairo, with a drafting style that is at once frenetic and meticulously detailed. Interlaced with expressive text that swirls like repeated thoughts, Boghiguian’s works read like psychological cartography, referencing the ancient history and contemporary transformation of Egypt, as well as her Armenian heritage. Often a chronicle of her extensive travels, Boghiguian’s self-reflective work is exploratory, not myopic, illuminating the multitude of perspectives and experiences she observes.