Anna Hepler
American, born 1969
Selected exhibitions
Tamarind Salon,
Tamarind Institute
Tamarind Institute at IFPDA Print Fair,
Tamarind Institute
Tamarind Institute at Ink Miami 2013,
Tamarind Institute

Situated between two- and three-dimensional, Anna Hepler’s poetic sculptures, installations, and works on paper reflect her fascination with structures both fixed and ephemeral. As she describes: “I am interested in such visually cohesive forms that nevertheless contain a chaotic structure—tangles of thread, electronic circuitry, swarms of insects in flight. There is something terrifying about their massive intricacy, and something beautiful in the rhythms of their minute and repetitive detail.” Using labor-intensive methods, Hepler reconstructs the forms she observes around her, then plays with their dimensionality, creating geometric shapes that she inflates and deflates, transforming flat strips of plastic and fabric into bulbous protrusions, and producing cyanotypes and prints from her three-dimensional works. Hepler is especially taken with a latticed, spherical shape, which …

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