Anne Lindberg
American, born 1962
Selected exhibitions
Carrie Secrist Gallery at EXPO CHICAGO 2018,
Carrie Secrist Gallery
Carrie Secrist Gallery
Anne Lindberg: walking as I stand,
Carrie Secrist Gallery

In her delicate mixed-media drawings, sculptures, and installations, Anne Lindberg works literally line by line, creating textured, abstract compositions, which she describes as “mirror[s] of how I experience the world.” Her deceptively simple works—comprising graphite and colored pencil drawings on mat board or over photographs; thread drawings; thread-based sculptures and installations; and architectural interventions—are generated out of a meticulous and labor-intensive process. Each line is hand drawn, every thread is hand stretched into compositions that appear to ripple and shimmer, moving and shifting with the viewer’s own changing position. Lindberg is inspired by textiles and by the neurological and physiological networks of the human body. At once intensely physical and ethereal, her works elegantly reflect these living systems, as she explains: “The work references …

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