Anne Sherwood Pundyk
Selected exhibitions
Carte Blanche:,
Adah Rose Gallery
"Neo, Pop, Post, Figurative, Abstract.....Celebrating 5 Years",
Adah Rose Gallery
The Revolution Will Be Painted: Deux",
Adah Rose Gallery

In paintings of photographs she has either found or personally captured, Anne Sherwood Pundyk strings together her cognitive responses to daily interactions. Using vibrant colors and loose brushstrokes, Pundyk paints from various photographs that capture particular moments of her past. She records her process in published books corresponding to each painting, a project she calls "My Atlas," in which she displays her reference photos with detailed and personal explanations alongside each image. For example, in the book that accompanied her painting Aqueous Flesh (2009), Pundyk reveals that her reference for the human figure was clipped from a newspaper, tree branches from a photo taken out of her family-in-law's New York apartment, facial features from a candid photo of a friend on vacation in Paris, and an abstracted version of two women sourced from an image in a waiting …

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