Anne Tabachnick
American, 1927-1995

Anne Tabachnick, who famously said, “painters are the people who have been taught to see by painters and paintings,” was a pupil of Hans Hofmann, Nell Blaine, and William Baziotes, whose influence can be readily seen in Tabachnick’s own work. A self-proclaimed second-generation New York School painter, Tabachnick created mixed-media abstract interpretations of landscapes or still lifes. Her style is characterized by the use of diluted acrylic paint in a light wash, overlaid with sharp contours of forms rendered in charcoal. Tabachnick also engages with the history of painting through visual references to some of her influences; she pays tribute to El Greco in Blue Heaven (1966) and Squares, Edge of the City (Black Laocoon) (1990). Her emphasis on “art about art” was the subject of a posthumous exhibition titled “Paintings about Paintings” in 2000.

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