Anthea Hamilton
British, born 1978
Collected by a major museum
Selected exhibitions
Whitechapel Gallery at EXPO CHICAGO 2017,
Whitechapel Gallery
Cynthia Daignault: There is Nothing I could Say That I Haven't Thought Before,
The FLAG Art Foundation
13e Biennale de Lyon: La vie moderne,
Biennale de Lyon

Anthea Hamilton creates immersive installations using carefully arranged three-dimensional collages and sculptures, both abstract and vaguely figurative. Her works explore themes of leisure, attraction, and desire, as in Gymnasium (2008), a theatrical gym-inspired set. Besides its ropes, floor mats, and sporting equipment, the installation comprised seemingly misplaced objects—broken vases, lone feminine shoes filled with water and fruit—together forming a surreal tableau. Most notably, Hamilton’s signature motif of vintage pin-up style legs adorned the wall, imbuing the atmosphere with a sexual charge in the spirit of the ancient Greek understanding of a gymnasium. Her wide variety of materials, chosen for sensory provocations and associational values, lie at the core of Hamilton’s work. As Frieze critic Colline Milliard described, Hamilton’s “Dadaesque assemblages deftly combine …

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