Anton Zolotov
Russian, born 1982
Harmony Murphy Gallery at Seattle Art Fair 2015,
Harmony Murphy Gallery
Heaven is a Place on Earth,
Harmony Murphy Gallery

Anton Zolotov channels the streets of New York City in his mixed-media paintings—both abstractly in their gritty, raw energy, and literally as a source for materials to incorporate onto the canvas. His works have many layers, achieving an almost sculptural quality through the varied application of paint and found materials—text snippets, pieces of trash, thrift store finds, and the like. “Painting is a recollection of existence; my existence (personally) is in the streets of NYC: the busy subway, the busy streets, the busy cabs, the busy garbage, the busy hot dog stand, etc.,” he says. “Therefore my paintings are the streets.” Zolotov applies his paint in thick, lush layers, which encase his ephemera in a slick sheen; he also frequently uses text to a punning effect. “My paintings are like a Frankenstein, a freaky creature I’ve created out of scrap materials and forms,” he says.

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