Antti Laitinen
Finnish, born 1975
Selected exhibitions
Galerie Anhava at ARCOmadrid 2018,
Galerie Anhava
Antti Laitinen: Marionette,
Galerie Anhava
Galerie Anhava at ARCO Madrid 2014,
Galerie Anhava

Antti Laitinen’s works begin with a plan, but the final pieces are usually the result of circumstances and outcomes beyond his control. Laitinen, who has a background in photography and multimedia art, primarily stages performances that he then documents or records. Many of his projects involve open-ended, experimental, or durational activities; previous undertakings have included a photographic series produced while Laitinen lived in a forest without clothes, food, or water; rowing across bodies of water in various self-fashioned vessels; and drawings made by pressing his sweaty body on a surface. Disparate as his works are, they explore recurring themes of chance, endurance, communion with nature, absurd humor, and the passage of time.