Ariana Papademetropoulos
American, born 1990
Selected exhibitions
Mermaids in the Basement,
Castor Gallery
The man who saved a dog from an imaginary fire,
Wilding Cran Gallery
Wonderland Avenue,

Painting scenes from pre-existing photographs that appear as if water has been spilled on them, Ariana Papademetropolous strives to create works of art that function as portals. Her “Watermark” series reproduces lived-in spaces and environments, luring the viewer inward and yet suggesting a separate, inaccessible space through smudging and blurring. To most accurately create a watermark effect and obscure her scenes, she spills liquids onto photographs and recreates them with paint on a larger scale. Her stains expose the hidden colors and underlying organic patterns that make up a picture, resulting in a perpetually alluring, occasionally haunting image that becomes immersive and contemplative. Influenced by artists like Yayoi Kusama and David Hockney, Papademetropolous is drawn to illusions, façades, and the unseen.