Aris Moore

In delicately rendered portraits drawn with graphite and colored pencil, New Hampshire-based artist Aris Moore examines human contradictions—the lovely vs. the grotesque, childhood vs. adulthood, seeing vs. feeling. Though most frequently women, Moore's subjects include men, couples, families, and children, all with strangely deconstructed features that are assembled with eerie misproportion. Beautifully rendered, certain areas of Moore's images are drawn with careful detail; others are blurred and ambiguous. She incorporates photographs and paintings into her portraits, as in Making Happy (2012), which combines a photographed hairstyle with facial features of mismatched scale. The viewer is left to assemble clues to decide if a smiling face is truly a reflection of happiness or if masking hidden sentiments. A schoolteacher and mother of two, Moore is inspired by children and …

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