Armin Boehm
German, born 1972
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Berlin Calling - Works and Paper,
Galerie Kornfeld
Aus Berlin,
Hans Alf Gallery
Armin Boehm: Raumneurose,
Harris Lieberman Gallery

Armin Boehm paints fictitious and spatially impossible scenes, based on urban layouts and architectural constructions, that are meant to evoke the inner human condition. The images, which sometimes appear to be aerial views or perpetually receding landscapes, explore the idea of natural and manmade borders in geographic surfaces. His most famous works are large-scale paintings, constructed using complex combinations of materials including fabric, oil paint, pure pigment, metal, and sand. A majority of Boehm’s paintings have dark palettes and depict nocturnal views with small sources of light; in preparation for exhibiting his paintings, Boehm has been known to paint the walls gray and dim the lights to deepen the experience of darkness. Other subjects have included interiors, smashed trees, bucolic scenes, and car wrecks.