Arnold Helbling
Swiss, born 1961
Selected exhibitions
Peace love freedom happiness,
Diane Rosenstein
First Anniversary Exhibition of Paintings and Sculpture and Photographs,
Diane Rosenstein
Arnold Helbling: Drop City,
Diane Rosenstein

In Arnold Helbling’s paintings, abstract forms and architectural structures converge in ambiguous spaces, with varying perspectival coherence. These works investigate the construction and decay of manmade and organic spaces, sometimes inspired by actual buildings, though figures are rarely present. Helbling’s works employ a variety of mediums and techniques, including one elaborate transfer process in which entire layers of acrylic paint or images are applied to canvas at once. He embraces accidental and imperfect splatters, creases, smudges, and the pooling of paint on his surfaces. Helbling applies his colors in translucent layers, which lends his works a haunting atmosphere.

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