Arthur Beecher Carles
American, 1882-1952
Selected exhibitions
Wyeth to Warhol: Modern Masters From Past and Present,
Somerville Manning Gallery
19th and 20th Century American Art,
Debra Force Fine Art
Summer Show,
Debra Force Fine Art

Often considered a forerunner of the Abstract Expressionists, Arthur Beecher Carles combined an enthusiasm for color with the formal principles of Cubism. Educated as a figurative painter, he moved towards abstraction after a trip to Europe that exposed him to the major movements in modernism. Drawing influence from Pablo Picasso, Georges Braque, and later Hans Hofmann, he painted canvases that hint at colorful landscapes and figures behind their fragmented Cubist planes. Late in his career he started to work in a purer abstraction, leaving any remnants of representation behind.