Barak Ravitz
Israeli, born 1982
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Pallaksh Pallaksh (I don’t know just where I’m going),
Dvir Gallery
Placed Someplace with Intent,
Dvir Gallery
Repêchage Bracket by Barak Ravitz,
Dvir Gallery

Working with an assortment of mundane objects—including fluorescent lights, silverware trays, and sleeping pads—Barak Ravitz creates spare, surprisingly beautiful sculptures and installations that test the porous boundary between everyday objects and works of art and poke fun at the parameters that define art. For example, by hanging a mattress cover printed with cartoonish apple trees on a gallery wall, backlighting it with a pair of fluorescent lights, and titling it An Orchard (2006), he transforms a functional everyday object into both a canvas and a work of art itself. He relies upon context and the norms of modern and contemporary art to effect his transformations, as he explains: “I am aided by the ‘look’ of modern art. I adopt display strategies: a lot of white background, large distances between works, expanses that give the feeling of sanctification of the object.”

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