Barton Lidice Benes
American, 1942-2012
Selected exhibitions
Barton Benes: Books,
Allan Stone Projects
Tamarind Salon,
Tamarind Institute
Barton Lidice Benes: Museology,
Pavel Zoubok Fine Art

In a darker continuation of Joseph Cornell’s Shadow Boxes, Barton Lidice Benes produced reliquaries containing the likes of Shirley Temple’s dollhouse, Alec Baldwin’s jockstrap, a fragment of an Egyptian pyramid, and a piece of tile from Hitler’s house. Benes called his best-known series of these intricate works “Museums”—miniature exhibitions of the eclectic artifacts he obsessively collected. Although initially focused on more intimate mementos, Benes' practice expanded, controversially, with his “Lethal Weapons” series and traveling exhibition to include the detritus of AIDS: cremated human remains and hypodermic needles filled with his HIV-infected blood. Themes of morbidity extended to Benes’s Greenwich Village apartment, which overflowed with memento mori, remnants of a plane crash, and a human toe found on the Williamsburg Bridge. With interest in his apartment nearly …

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