Ben Grasso
American, born 1979

Ben Grasso’s oil paintings present graphic description and analysis of the emblematic American home, hovering at the intersection of representation, abstraction, and Surrealism. His “Rust Belt” series (2007) explores the decline of once-booming industrial cities—Eulogy to our great society, for instance, depicts a colorful, chaotic jumble of broken steel beams, a bus, and a truck blowing across a bright blue sky as if swept up by a tornado. His “Adaptation” series (2011) depicts structures in various degrees of assembly and disassembly, incorporating photorealism and phantasmagoria. In Ungrounded, for example, a house crowned by loose green leaves floats across the sky as its wooden floor boards and side planks fall down. Of his creative process Grasso explains: “I work in layers and gradually come up with an image through an additive process that involves a lot of drawing.”

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