Benjamin Appel
German, born 1978
Selected exhibitions
Abstract Art 11 – Abstraction As Painterly Rhetoric. A Case Study Between Germany and China,
PIFO Gallery
Decade: Abstract Art 10,
PIFO Gallery
Flowerbed in the Cellar,
PIFO Gallery

A student of Thomas Zipp, Benjamin Appel envisions the intersection of painting, sculpture, and everyday objects in his practice. His works across mediums bear strong visual and thematic resemblances, characterized by a tendency towards minimal forms, architectural geometry, and unglamorous or untraditional media—drawing an allegiance with Arte Povera, Appel frequently uses the unfinished surfaces of concrete, earth, soil, old furniture, and wood. His thickly built-up oil paintings have a similar tactility, but are even more austere in form and color palette.