Benoît Maire
French, born 1978
Blue chip
Represented by internationally recognized galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Nuages et Déchets,
Galerie Thomas Bernard
LETTER: Benoît Maire,
Western Front
Rotary Connection,
Casey Kaplan

The paintings, installations, performances, and films that comprise Benoît Maire’s artistic practice are deeply rooted in philosophy and theory. Concerned with how, why, and in what states art can exist, Maire investigates the relationship between concepts and images or objects. For instance, Head of Medusa (2008-09), an abstract bronze sculpture placed opposite an abstract oil painting, portrays Medusa (the mythological figure whose gaze turns onlookers to stone) looking at herself. Many other works incorporate writing, as in Maire’s “visual readings” of theoretical texts by the art historian Arthur Danto and philosopher Alain Badiou. “Something written exists in another temporality, and I like to multiply temporalities in my practice,” he explains. Through these works he asserts that text can generate form.