Bernardo Torrens
Spanish, born 1957
Selected exhibitions
Louis K. Meisel Gallery at Art Miami 2017,
Louis K. Meisel Gallery
Bernarducci.Meisel Gallery at Art Miami 2015,
Bernarducci Gallery
EVOKE Contemporary

Carrying on one of the oldest Western artistic traditions, self-taught painter Bernardo Torrens is primarily known for his achromatic nude paintings in acrylics. Working both from digital photographs and with live models, Torrens attempts to preserve the temperature of colors—a subtlety that still allows the viewer to recognize color and its related emotions without losing the rawness of black-and-white. He paints minimally furnished interiors with stark gray backgrounds, thus placing all the attention on the figures, their poses, and the emotions they express. His women adopt sexually liberated poses, staring firmly at the viewer or captured in candid moments, as in Holly I (2006) where the model flexes her arms as if looking in a mirror outside the frame.