Bertille de Baudinière
French, born 1955

Bertille de Baudinière uses acrylic and oil, color filters, natural pigments, wood, piano cords, and a variety of found objects in her paintings, mixed-media works, and assemblages. Drawing on five years of research in Japan, de Baudinière blends Western and Eastern techniques into her extremely diverse practice. “What most attracts me and finds its way into my work are opposites, differences, conflict, and mobility […]” she has said. A vibrant color palette and subject matter culled from her immediate environment are the major consistencies in a practice otherwise liable to shift seemingly without warning; she painted a Jasper Johns-like American flag in New York Light (2007), created an installation of translucent prints for Lightscreen (2001), and drew figurative architectural sketches for Drawing Harlem (2010).

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