Bovey Lee
Chinese, born 1969
Selected exhibitions
Bovey Lee: The Sea Will Come to Kiss Me,
Rena Bransten Gallery
Wearing Identity,
Grotto Fine Art Limited
Summer show by Bovey Lee, Castaly Leung Ching-man, Tsang Chui-mei and Kong Yiu-wing,
Grotto Fine Art Limited

Bovey Lee bridges East and West in her intricate hand-cut paper compositions, contemporizing an ancient Chinese folk art to explore themes ranging from the personal to the political, most recently focusing on the fraught relationship between humans and nature. As she describes: “My recent work is informed by our precarious relationship with nature in the twenty-first century, i.e., what we do to the environment […] and what nature does back to us in reaction.” Though she uses basic mediums and tools—Chinese rice paper cut with X-Acto knives and mounted on silk—her technique is underpinned by decades of training. She began practicing Chinese calligraphy at the age of ten, then pursued studies in painting, drawing, computer graphics, and interactive media. Lee’s impossibly delicate compositions show human beings entangled in roiling, complex urban and natural scenes, often attempting to tame their untamable surroundings.