Brice Brown
American, born 1972
SPRING 2018,
Francis M. Naumann Fine Art
Summer Camp,
Schroeder Romero

Brice Brown produces abstract paintings, prints, and multimedia installations that explore themes of suppressed or codified information, notions of luxury and class, gay identity, the relationship between sight and sound, and a host of other ideas. Comprising c-prints, Sèvres porcelain, antique furniture and textiles, sculpture, found objects cast in precious metal, and harlequin puppets, Brown’s 2011 exhibition “Queening” blurred the line between fine art, design, and the decorative arts. In bringing these fetishized objects together in new contexts, he explored the permeability of identity, particularly sexual. Known for their bright colors, Brown’s gestural abstract paintings recall Willem de Kooning’s loose brushstrokes. He has also collaborated on abstract oil pantings with Don Joint, an artist with whom he shares a studio.

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