Bryan Graf
American, born 1982
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
The Sun Room,
Yancey Richardson Gallery
LUX: The Radiant Sea,
Yancey Richardson Gallery
Broken Lattice,
Yancey Richardson Gallery

With his bold, semi-abstract images of nature, Bryan Graf seeks to reinvent landscape photography. Transforming his images of trees, gardens, wildlife, and people with a variety of pre- and post-production interventions, Graf produces eerie evocations of natural phenomena that simultaneously deny the expected beauty of nature and offer a new aesthetic of their own. For some photographs Graf exposes his film directly to natural light leaks; others he manipulates extensively post-production to heighten the visual effects of light and shadow. He often turns to sites and landscapes that have been abandoned due to pollution, “determined by random dereliction, the discarded debris of our culture grafting itself into the landscape and nature refusing to stop doing its own work,” as he describes.