Camille Kachani
Lebanese-Brazilian, born 1963
Selected exhibitions
Zipper Galeria at SP-Arte 2018,
Zipper Galeria
Zipper Galeria at SP-Arte 2017,
Zipper Galeria
Camille Kachani,
Zipper Galeria

With a background in photography, painting, economics, and history, Camille Kachani has a diverse artistic practice that spans a range of mediums. His projects are united by a common sense of ironic humor and an engagement with everyday life or the artist’s personal experiences. Kachani’s series, “Tomorrow Was Another Day,” (begun 2012) was based on his experience of Lebanon during its Civil War in the 1970s. Other works include a series of imaginary consumer products, false traffic signs installed in public spaces, and “Programa de Desobediência Civil” (2005), for which Kachani made variations on the U.S. dollar bill, featuring different cultural icons.