Canan Tolon
Turkish, born 1955
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Where Were We,
Anglim Gilbert Gallery
TILL IT’S GONE: An Exhibition on Nature and Sustainability,
Istanbul Modern
Canan Tolon: Sidesteps,
Parasol unit foundation for contemporary art

Canan Tolon, who trained as a designer and architect, explores visualizations of space via illusionistic imagery and constructions. Tolon is known for her seemingly abstract paintings with geometric motifs and limited color palettes; over time, however, the rhythmic forms in her compositions begin to come into focus as series of overlain architectural structures and landscapes. These compositions are really Tolon’s experiments in visual familiarity, examining the eye’s ability to piece together depictions of space from apparent abstraction. She is also known for large-scale installations with recurring use of dirt, grass, mirrors, and architectural constructions; these reference themes of colonization, urban growth, and land ownership.