Caragh Thuring
Belgian, born 1972
Collected by a major museum
Selected exhibitions
Caragh Thuring,
Anthony Meier Fine Arts
Bergamin & Gomide
Simon Preston Gallery at Frieze New York 2015,
Simon Preston Gallery

Caragh Thuring is a painter whose work is about the history, practice, and academic study of painting. Thuring’s works are characteristically made on unprimed linen, which is often visible in swaths in the finished work. Her style is characterized by loose, dripping brushwork and sparse compositions. Thuring is also known for omitting as much as she includes in her architectural and figural abstractions; she has said she sees futility as an inherent quality of the act of painting. Her references hail from canonical art history, and often quote compositions or re-interpret master works by the likes of Édouard Manet, Titian, Johannes Vermeer, and even the architectural plans of Le Corbusier.