Carla Klein
Dutch, born 1970
Represented by industry leading galleries.
Selected exhibitions
Tanya Bonakdar Gallery at Frieze New York 2018,
Tanya Bonakdar Gallery
Carla Klein,
Tanya Bonakdar Gallery
Carla Klein,
Annet Gelink Gallery

Carla Klein paints bleak, uninhabited landscapes in a palette of icy white, grays, and blues, using photographs taken on various road trips as her source material. Her compositions often approach abstraction, with only the road vanishing over the horizon to suggest perspective and road signs or the hint of a dashboard to reveal human presence. When presented in combination, as in untitled (serie c) (2008), Klein’s paintings form a sort of travelogue, at once recognizable in format and utterly alien in the desolate indeterminacy of the landscapes she depicts.